TDI Parker Nigeria

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Invest In Nigeria

TDI Parker (Nigeria) is one of Nigeria's fast growing proprietary investment firm. We invest in the non-oil sector, primarily in Infrastructure Develoment, Mineral Resources and in Agriculture.


We assist several State Governements across Nigeria in planning and developing infrastructure and capital projects as well as facilitating introductions for international investors coming into the Nigerian Market. 

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We invest our own funds in projects across Nigeria.


Nigeria is rich in resources, most of which are yet to be exploited. As Africa's most populous nation with about 120 million people, Nigeria is a large and fertitle market.


Nigeria's offers a stable political environment, free market economy, and, the Government has put in place policies and programmes that guarantee a free market economy, administrative as well as a streamlined bureaucratic procedures. Huge investments are directed to rapid development of physical and industrial infrastructure, especially in transportation, communications, electricity and water supply.


Working with State & Federal Government to promote investement.


We partner with, represent or facilitate market entry.

Why Invest in Nigeria?

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